Here are my guitar lesson prices:

HALF HOUR - £15.00

ONE HOUR - £25.00

Most of my students take an hours guitar lesson each week, with a few students taking lessons on a fortnightly basis. I have found for younger learns that a half hour lesson each week works the best, for more information about my guitar lessons don't hesitate to get in touch.

All Styles Covered

I teach both electric and acoustic guitar coving all styles, from rock to jazz, from pop to metal, so whatever your musical taste you will love the music we learn! My lessons are completely specialised to your individal needs as a guitarist, with the songs we cover being driven by you!

I teach most of my lessons at home, but I am also more than happy to teach you in the comfort of your own house as well!

To arrange your first lesson or just to find
out more give me an!

Learn to play guitar
Tom is one of Newcastle top guitar teachers and local musicians. His passion for music is evident during his lessons, helping me to learn guitar with confidence and speed!