About Guitar Lessons Newcastle

About Guitar Lessons Newcastle

Welcome to Guitar Lessons Newcastle. My name is Joseph Young and I am a professional guitar teacher based in Heaton, Newcastle. I help students of all abilities to learn to play the guitar, whether they are a beginner or a more advanced student. My aim is to give students great lessons and quality service. I teach a wide range of guitar styles and techniques, individually tailored to people of all ages. I want my students to leave my guitar lessons feeling happy, excited and looking forward to more.

As a teacher, I believe in providing lessons tailored to my student's musical interests. Whether starting from scratch or developing existing technique, I always aim to make lessons fun while helping my pupils improve. Alongside teaching electric & acoustic guitar I also teach bass guitar and ukulele for those students interested in taking lessons on these instruments.

To book your first lesson, or to find out more about my guitar lessons, simply get touch by emailing info@guitarlessonsnewcastle.com or calling 03455 086739.

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Professional Guitar Lessons | Prices: £25 p/h | All Genres Covered | Electric & Acoustic Guitar