Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Here at Guitar Lessons Newcastle, we are never more proud than when we heard that one of our guitar students has entered the recording studio for the first time. It is a fantastic experience and a great reward for the hours of work put in forming a band and writing your first songs. To help our students along we have compiled a list of what we consider to be the best recording and rehearsal studios Newcastle has to offer. Enjoy, in no order...

Cluny Studios having recorded the likes of Maximo Park are certainly a studio worth checking out. Refurbished twice since 2000 the studio boasts state of the art recording equipment in a calm relaxing environment with a professional sound engineer. The Cluny Studios, rentable for £40 per hour or £225 per 8 hour day - both very reasonable prices for studio hire are one of the first studios you should check out if you are looking to record your debut EP or your latest album.

Broadwater Studios located at Mulberry House, 18 Kells Lane, NE9 5SJ, is probably the best studio to record your first E.P. in. It has a great vibe with friendly staff and boasts a whole heap of amazing equipment. By far the most exciting thing about the studio is that they offer "Solo Superstar" (£125) or "Songwriter Experience" (£265) days for young musicians to get a feel for recording studios. They are also fully geared up to record local bands E.P.'s with the "E.P Special" (£975) four days in the studio, mixing, mastering and 250 CDs. Enough E.P's to supposedly cover the studio cost if sold for £5 each. For the more advanced bands the "Full Works" (£1395) four studio days, mixing, mastering and 300 CD's - as well as a music video. These are both very decent deals, and certainly wins my award for the best studio for up and coming Newcastle bands.

Black Studios located at 3-5 Ouseburn Mews, Stepney Bank, NE1 2PW is an extremely well-furnished recording studio situated only a few minutes away from Newcastle's city centre. Boasting first class recording equipment, in a relaxed and warm studio environment, Black Studios is rentable for only £X per day. Amazingly they also offer locational recording as well as live gig recording for £150 per gig. They also offer discounts for students which is excellent news for up and coming young local bands. Well worth a shout Black Studios is a first-class professional recording studio.

Base HQ is a fantastic rehearsal studio packet with quality equipment and soundproofed rooms, rentable for just £10 per hour with backline included as standard. Base HQ also provide excellent recording facilities, with 4 tracks mixing and mastering coming to £100. Located at 2 Invincible Drive, NE4 7HX, Base HQ is well worth checking out, especially if you are a local band as the rehearsal rooms are first class & well worth using. Staffed by Gavin Lee, a former member of the multi-platinum selling Newcastle based band Dubstar you know you will be in safe hands.

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